​Breastfeeding Moms Should Not Be Welcome Everywhere

baby breastfeedingWhen you're a breastfeeding mom, a young infant is kind of like your American Express -- you don't leave home without him or her. But some moms take things a little too far. Take the nursing mother who was kicked out of a restaurant trade show over the weekend.

Kristin Osborne wasn't escorted out of the National Restaurant Association event because she showed a little boob. But the mother of a 10-day-old was certainly acting like one!


According to the Chicago Tribune, Osborne was aware of a rule that states no children under age 16 are allowed on the trade show floor, but she decided it didn't apply to her nursing newborn. Because he eats every hour, she took him with her.

And was promptly escorted off the premises.

Now Osborne is digging in her heels and complaining to media. As she told the Trib:

I said, "Clearly he’s a breastfeeding baby. I can’t separate from him." I understand not having kids run around or not having strollers -- that I understand. A tiny breastfeeding infant, I hope would be an exception to this rule.

Ah, an exception to the rule.

Is it any wonder nursing moms can't get no respect when moms like this decide the rules don't apply to them?

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Folks, there are laws in place that protect moms who want to nurse in public. That's necessary because infants DO need to eat pretty regularly, and moms shouldn't have to hole up in their homes until baby is old enough to be permanently on solids.

But simply because moms shouldn't have to be social pariahs doesn't mean they get to take their babies everywhere. The fact is, rules do still apply to us, even when we have itty bitty babies. And that's on us.

When we become moms, we make choices. We choose to have kids; we choose to breastfeed (or not). The rest of the world had nothing to do with those choices.

So we can't expect the rest of the world to suddenly stop in its tracks and reverse every decision to accommodate us. Some places simply aren't safe for babies.

And some? Well, they're just not great for babies! Maybe you CAN take a newborn to the movies, for example, but the minute they start hollering their head off, well, you can understand why paying customers would be a wee bit perturbed that they're not hearing the movie? Why the theater wouldn't want your baby there? Why you should get off your butt and walk out?

The fact of the matter is, when we have kids, we have to remember that we're going to have to make sacrifices. This mom could breastfeed her kid every hour on the hour or she could go to the trade show -- the choice was hers.

How do you feel about exceptions being made for breastfeeding infants in places where other kids are banned? Would you support rule changes, or should moms suck it up?


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