20 Outrageous Reasons Grandmas Have Been 'Fired' From Babysitting

babysitterGrandmothers can wear many hats. Cheek pinchers. Cookie bakers. And in thousands of American families: babysitters.

Fast fact: some 61 percent of American grandparents provide at least 50 hours a year of childcare (if not more) for grandchildren who are at least 1 year old. Pretty sweet deal, right? Who could take better care of your kiddo than the person who raised you or your partner? Welllll, you'd think so!

But when The Stir asked moms to weigh in on grandma's babysitting skills, we found out moms and mothers-in-law alike have made big mistakes with their grandchildren. Mistakes so irresponsible and questionable that they're actually getting fired from their babysitting gigs!

Ever had to consider the tough decision of firing Grandma? Plenty of moms told us they have -- and we certainly can't blame them because here's what the offending grandmothers did!


1. Asked the child invasive personal questions.

2. Sent a teenager to babysit in her place, without notifying Mom and Dad.

3. Passed out cold from medication while watching her granddaughter.

4. Threatened to hit an 18-month-old.

5. Decided allergies aren't real and gave a child with dairy allergies cream cheese -- landing the little boy in the hospital.

6. Never disciplined.

7. Smoked in the car with the kids.

8. Drove drunk with the kids!

9. Wouldn't lay an 8-month-old down for naps.

10. Gave a solid-food eating baby bottles all day because she was too lazy to pull out the high chair.

11. Let one grandchild get hold of a loaded pistol ... and point it at another one!

12. Left a potty-training child sit on the toilet for an hour instead of helping him wipe.

13. Tried teaching her grandchild to call her "Mom."

14. Told her granddaughter that Daddy didn't love her.

15. Didn't use car seats because they were a "hassle."

16. Let a 3-year-old play outside by the road while she was inside watching TV.

17. Left the baby sleeping on the couch unattended. 

18. Failed to feed baby more than one bottle and 1/3 jar of baby food over the course of eight hours.

19. Didn't tell mom when her son suffered second-degree burns.

20. Let her grandchild play outside with no shoes on in 110-degree weather ... on a metal grate!

All right, Mom, can you top these? What has your mom or mother-in-law done when babysitting?


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