​What Country Should You Live in Based on Your Parenting Style? Try This Cool Tool

child worldThere's a new tool that asks parents to arrange 11 qualities in order of importance regarding raising children. It's thought-provoking, and a little tricky to decide what is "most important." When it comes to raising kids, everything is important. Still, we all have different ways of doing things and place weight on different qualities. This tool, then takes your results and compares it to the overall results of other countries and tells you what country's values most closely match yours. The qualities are imagination, self-expression, tolerance, determination, hard work, independence, feeling of responsibility, thrift, unselfishness, religious faith, and obedience.

If you were to put these in order of importance, how would you stack them up when it comes to raising your kids? When I did mine, I matched up with Sweden. It also revealed what country had the least similar values.


The Swedes have collectively banned corporal punishment of kids, and they have a wonderful maternity and paternity leave. UNICEF considers it one of the best places in the world to raise a child. Sweden also really values children and have kid-friendly activities everywhere. Kids and strollers wouldn't be banned in Swedish bars. Women aren't given dirty looks when they breastfeed in public. This sounds like my kind of place!

My opposite matches was South Korea, and also Kyrgyzstan and Singapore. I put imagination, self-expression, and tolerance at the top of my list. Although I do feel all of these qualities are important to teach, having these as most important made me feel that the other qualities will come more naturally.

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It's interesting to note that 82.5 percent of those in Sweden named tolerance as one of the qualities they thought was important to teach children. Seventy-two percent of Americans ranked it high, and around 19 percent felt tolerance was important in Nigeria. In America, Australia, and New Zealand, self-expression was one of the qualities ranked lowest. I'm a little shocked. Lowest? Self-expression? I ranked it high. It's so important to me to make sure my kids learn tolerance, and are able to express themselves, which also ties in to imagination.

Wondering what country your parenting style is most similar to? Take the parenting values survey to see. Let me know your results.

What country are you most like and most different from? Do you agree? How did you rank these qualities?

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