Best 'Where Do Babies Come From?' Explanations Parents Have Given Kids

story carrying baby"Where do babies come from?" That's the dreaded question every parent hears at some point. But how do you approach it? You can go the traditional route and stick with the stork tale or the good old "well, when mommy and daddy love each other" story. Or, if you're the type that doesn't hold back, you can give them all the dirty details. Heck, maybe you can even show your child her own birth video.


Or, you could do what these parents did and get creative with your explanations. Bring in some imaginative vegetables, crazy explanations for 'tools,' or just straight-up lies. Chances are, your kids will buy it.

Here's how some parents explained:

How did you explain "where babies come from" to your kids?

Image via Anca Padrea/Flickr

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