Best 'Where Do Babies Come From?' Explanations Parents Have Given Kids

Suzee Skwiot | May 15, 2014 Being a Mom

story carrying baby"Where do babies come from?" That's the dreaded question every parent hears at some point. But how do you approach it? You can go the traditional route and stick with the stork tale or the good old "well, when mommy and daddy love each other" story. Or, if you're the type that doesn't hold back, you can give them all the dirty details. Heck, maybe you can even show your child her own birth video.

Or, you could do what these parents did and get creative with your explanations. Bring in some imaginative vegetables, crazy explanations for 'tools,' or just straight-up lies. Chances are, your kids will buy it.

Here's how some parents explained:

How did you explain "where babies come from" to your kids?

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  • Mommy's Belly Button


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    "We told my daughter, 9, that Mommy's belly button ring hole opened up and we took her out when she was done baking."

  • From Under a Rock


    Image via Rob Faulkner/Flickr

    "My husband's mum told him he was found under a rock!"

  • The Supermarket


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    "I know parents who told their kids that babies were picked out in the back section of the super market, like where the butchers are."

  • We Made You With Play-Doh


    Image via Dennis Brekke/Flickr

    "I told my kids that I built them out of playdoh.... They believed this for many years."

  • Made From Mud


    Image via Nick Taylor/Flickr

    "My mom told us we were hatched out of gumbo mud."

  • In the Toilet


    Images via randychiu/Flickr

    "My dad told my brother they found him clinging onto a piece of toilet paper as the toilet was being flushed."

  • They Grow From Seeds


    Image via labascovegmenu/Flickr

    "When I was little my uncle told all of the kids that babies were made by unscrewing a woman's belly button and putting a watermelon seed in her tummy, and that babies were born by unscrewing the mommies belly button and pulling the (watermelon seed grown) baby out. He also convinced us that this was very dangerous, since every time you unscrew somebody's belly button there is a chance their legs will pop off."

  • A Special "Tool"


    Image via Andreas Kambanis/Flickr

    "When my son was about five he caught my husband off guard with the question of just how do daddies put babies in mommies' tummies. My husband told him daddies had special tools they use, which led to, of course, my son wanting to see said special toys. My husband was bright red stuttering 'Uh, only grown up daddies get to see them....'"

  • Dad Gave Birth


    Image via Alex Griffioen/Flickr

    "My father told me he gave birth to me. I believed it for quite a few years."

  • Yard Sales


    Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr

    "My dad told me they found me at a yard sale, and I was half price, so he figured, why not?"

  • The Chicken & the Egg


    Image via aluxum/shutterstock

    "I told my boys one day that it's like a bird laying a really big egg (then showed a YouTube video). My 8-year-old son wouldn't stop telling people I had eggs in me when I explained that part."

  • The Store... With a Twist


    Image via Yuliya Evstratenko/shutterstock

    "My parents told me that you bought the babies from the store. My sister was supposed to be a boy, all the doctors said she was a boy, so when they brought her home, I told them to take her back and get a boy. They said they lost the receipt."

  • A Love-Filled Business Transaction


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    "My dad's story always made us laugh: The Mommy and Daddy go to the office and put in an order form. Mom fills up with love for the baby. The dad fills up full of love after the baby is born. The dad can only see the stork because Mom is busy pushing love out. And the doctors want you to believe they are doing something so you will pay them."

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