8 Mother's Day Cards That Tell It Like It REALLY Is (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | May 8, 2014 Being a Mom

Kids giving mom card

Ahhhhh. Don't you just love Mother's Day? It's the one day per year that's solely centered around making us feel loved, appreciated, and totally pampered.

Snort. Of course I'm kidding on that last one. The life of a mom is anything but glamorous, but we still can't help but melt when we receive sugary-sweet cards from our kiddos telling us how much they adore us and can't picture their lives without us.

But can you imagine the kind of hilarity that would ensue if kids got real when it came to expressing Mother's Day sentiments?

Here are eight spot-on examples of what Mother's Day cards would really say if kids were brutally honest instead of heartfelt.

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What's the best Mother's Day card you ever received?


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