Moms of Toddlers Aren't Crazy ... Actually, Scratch That ...

toddlerNo, moms, you are not crazy. A new study has found that (surprise!) your brain is permanently altered by pregnancy. Liisa Galea, a neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia, has found that a mother's brain shrinks by up to 8 percent during pregnancy, and while it bounces back around six months post-birth, the reaction could have repercussions. Womp womp. "Our research shows that, as a result of these transformations, mothers experience different cognitive abilities and health risks than women without children," Galea said. And in addition to the whole brain shrinking thing (NBD, right?), women who've had children may react to medications differently after giving birth. Fantastic.


As a mom of a toddler, this explains so much to me. Here I've been all this time, thinking that I'm just a crazy person who happens to live with a much smaller, even crazier person. But as it turns out, I just never got my brain back. Forget my pre-pregnancy body, I'd like my pre-pregnancy brain back!

Moms of toddlers, can we form a prayer-style circle over this to unite? And moms of babies, if you think you've lost your marbles now, here are 10 things you might (read: probably will) do once you have a toddler.

1. Leave the house and have a perfectly serious conversation with a bank teller, only to learn minutes later that you're wearing a Hello Kitty necklace.

2. Forget about the wash in the washing machine and the clothes drying in the dryer ... for five days.

3. Lose your keys three times in one day.

4. Either not take your vitamin at all or take it twice a day because you just can't remember.

5. Forget any and all birthdays. Even your own.

6. Have a constant, haunting loop of "Wheels on the Bus" playing in the back of your head -- all day loooong ...

7. Come to believe that it's perfectly normal and acceptable to shower twice a week.

8. Leave the house with two different shoes on; realize it while you're still on the driveway; shrug and keep going.

9. Be completely out of touch with most current music and shows. You forget things outside of Dora and Kidz Bop exist.

10. Get to work only to realize that not only did you forget to wear deodorant, you forgot to wear a bra.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

How has your brain deteriorated since becoming a mom?


Image via Greg Hinsdale/Corbis

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