18 Quotes About Motherhood That Straight Up Tell It Like It Is

laughing little girl
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Mother's Day is all about telling mom how much you love and appreciate her, so naturally the stores are chock-full of cards with flowery prose and mushy, gushy poems telling mom all the ways she's the best. Some of them are true, certainly. Being a mom takes a whole lot of time, love and patience. But you know what else makes it worth being a mom? All the laughs!


Between the hilarious things our kids say and the situations we find ourselves in as parents (like reaching into the diaper bag when you're out running errands and realizing your forgot to restock!), being a parent has some laugh-out-loud moments. And even when times as a mom get rough, we could all use a bit of humor to get us through. So what better way to celebrate moms than with some funny -- or at least very real -- quotes about motherhood?

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Chocolate, earrings, flowers, bubble bath, or even the infamous macaroni necklace are all awesome gifts to get for Mother's Day, but sometimes what you really want most of all is a good laugh. So have one on us, Mom! 

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