18 Quotes About Motherhood That Straight Up Tell It Like It Is

Jeanne Sager | Apr 27, 2017 Being a Mom
18 Quotes About Motherhood That Straight Up Tell It Like It Is
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Between the hilarious things our kids say and the absurd situations we find ourselves in as parents, being a mom has some laugh-out-loud moments. And even when times get rough, we could all use a bit of humor to get us through. So what better way to celebrate moms than with some funny -- or at least very real -- quotes about motherhood?

Motherhood is both profound and complicated, heart-filling and sleep-depriving, beautiful and downright ugly at times. It's true. The child-rearing experience is nothing if not a wild, unbelievable ride. It's so extraordinary -- and extraordinarily exhausting -- in fact, sometimes it's really hard to put the experience into words. And yet words, the ones that so aptly describe the triumphs and tribulations of raising kids, are just what we all need so we don't feel so alone in this thing called motherhood.

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We’ve collected a few of our favorite and incredibly relatable quotes and sayings about what it means to be a mom. Read on for some honest, funny, and completely spot-on parenting wisdom.

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