Inside the Bathrooms of 9 Moms -- It's Where the Party's At! (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | May 15, 2014 Being a Mom
Inside the Bathrooms of 9 Moms -- It's Where the Party's At! (PHOTOS)

Are you familiar with the "Mom bathroom"? The bathroom doesn't necessarily come to mind as a place that takes on the various characteristics of parenthood the way a car does (So. Many. Crushed. Goldfish crackers), or your boobs (as in, I could swear there was a time when I didn't need a paint stick to get everything situated in my sports bra …), but if you have kids, I bet you kissed your picture-perfect, ready-for-guests-at-a-moment's-notice bathroom goodbye a long time ago.

Mom bathrooms are indeed a thing, and they can be identified by the following tell-tale signs.

  • The creepy plastic toys checking you out when you're naked.


    Via kdw_alwayz/Instagram


    Dang, Thomas. My eyes are up here.

  • The uninvited party-crasher during your wine-and-bubble-bath time.


    Via theexec/Instagram

    Good thing he's cute.

  • The extra items in the tub.


    Image via heddafish/Instagram

    Would you like a nice exfoliating boat with your evening soak? How about a plastic cup? Or, like, fifteen plastic cups?


  • The inability to even get IN the tub.


    Via jktimmay/Instagram

    Well that's just ducking great.

  • A decided lack of privacy.


    Via artsysahm/Instagram 

    Remember when using the bathroom was a solo activity?

  • This explanation for why the tub's taking so long to drain.


    Via roolyla/Instagram

    Well, I guess there are worse places it could've gotten stuck ...

  • A toothbrush holder that looks like this.


    Via Linda Sharps

    How my kids put away their toothbrushes 99% of the time. (Note that there are, in fact, more containers available to them than just this one.)

  • Walking in to find these shenanigans underway.


    Via hotdogger13/Instagram


  • Or this.


    Via sansan8/Instagram

    Okay, that's it. We quit. Dads, you know what we REALLY wanted for Mother's Day? OUR VERY OWN BATHROOM THAT NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO USE.


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