Mom's Booty Dancing Is All Fun & Games Until Toddler Shows Up (VIDEO)

mom butt bumps babyThe dangers of twerking are real, people! Just ask one mom who was practicing for an online dance-off, when her toddler daughter unexpectedly walked into her break-dancing zone.

All was going well, the booty poppin' game was on point, until the baby decided to make a cameo appearance in the music video. And isn't that totally real? Kids can come out of absolutely nowhere and surprise us. Luckily, she's totally fine, and the mom said that she "didn't even cry." 

But just check out her face! 


Aww! The little girl is completely shocked and has no idea what just happened. And as for mama, best of luck in that dance-off! If your baby booty bump is any indication, you'll be sure to knock out the competition!

Has your kid ever just come out of nowhere and surprised you?


Image via Summer Knowlden/YouTube

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