What Guys Are Really Thinking While They Watch You Give Birth

delivery roomLadies, when it comes to labor and delivery, it's all about us (and the baby, of course). But our partners are typically there for the Big Event, also. Ever stop and wonder: What the hell was going through his mind while I was bringing our kid into the world?!

Sure, it's a more intense, and, uh, visceral experience for us, but it isn't exactly a regular day at the office for our dudes either. Here, 8 anonymous guys share what they were thinking while they watched their partners give birth.


"My wife [had an episotomy] and to this day I can still hear the snip the doctor made. I can't believe anyone could ever endure that."


"I couldn't believe how strong my girlfriend was! She's the kind of woman who will complain about a headache for hours on end (no offense, honey!). She was so quiet and focused when she gave birth to our son. It was amazing."

wonder woman

"I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but I almost passed out. I had to sit down and a nurse brought me juice. I know, I'm a p***y."

passing out

"I felt really bad that there wasn't anything I could do for my wife. She was in so much pain; I felt completely helpless. I just kept wishing that I could transfer the pain from her to me."


"Holy shit."

holy shit gif

"I honestly had no thoughts. Until she started pushing, I was practically frozen. I could barely talk to the nurses when they came into the room and made small talk. Actually, I'm glad my wife doesn't remember how I acted that day. I'm pretty sure I was a big idiot."


"With our first, I all but ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and crouched down in the shower. With our second, I felt much more helpful to my wife. I was able to bring her things, hold her hand, give her a massage. And by our third, I was pretty much administering the epidural."


"Weirdly, during the first few hours of my wife being in labor, I remember Beverly Hills Cop playing on the TV in the background. And I remember when I first saw our daughter's head, telling my wife, 'She has so much hair!' And yes, I was crying. You got me."


Do you know what when through your partner's mind in the delivery room?


Image via David J Laporte/Flickr

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