Dad's Lightning Fast Reflexes Save Kid From Getting Hit by 'Car' (VIDEO)​

carHere's a tough truth about parenting: kids are fast, so you have to be faster. Sometimes that means doing things that are superhuman. Like running at the speed of light to grab a kid out of the path of an oncoming car, perhaps?

A video has gone viral this week of a dad doing just that. OK, so the car was just one of those plastic Little Tikes types that every toddler in America has, but still, you are about to behold parenthood multiplied by the power of awesome. Buckle your seatbelts, y'all:



Let's hear it for parents and their ninja-like reflexes! Because you don't necessarily have to be fast before you have a kid, but once they come along, you realize you have become somewhat like a cat, ready to spring at any moment. Last-minute saves are pretty much the name of the game when you're a mom OR a dad.

Because the truth is you have to move fast if you want to keep your kids alive.

So let's hear your crazy, OMG, I've never moved so fast, but I grabbed my kid and I am AWESOME moment!


Image via wreck/Flickr

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