8 Surprisingly Deep Parenting Lessons Found in Bathroom Graffiti (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | May 14, 2014 Being a Mom

Were you aware that everything you ever needed to know about motherhood can be found scrawled on the grimy walls of various public restrooms? Okay, not REALLY, but there's a startling amount of decent parenting advice that's been shared via bathroom graffiti. Yes: bathroom graffiti. As in, the things people write while they're … um, privately occupied.

Look, I realize you think I'm completely insane and that I'm about to try and trick you into looking at a bunch of offensively crude anatomical drawings, but trust me: I totally suggested that angle and my editor turned it down. So here instead are 8 bathroom graffiti messages that are surprisingly heartfelt …. and even more surprisingly, completely on-target when it comes to summing up parenthood.

  • Nothing is permanent



    Truer words were never spoken. It is both the hope and heartache of parenting, particularly very young children: Whatever you're going through will not last forever.


  • We are all in this together



    It doesn't always feel this way, does it? There's so much criticism and disagreement over the silliest things in parenthood, we forget that a rising tide lifts all boats. What if every day we reached out to just one fellow mom? The Sharpie'd bathroom message speaks the truth.

  • You're doing fine



    Because you are -- even if you worry that you're doing it all wrong. (Maybe especially if you worry that you're doing it all wrong.)

  • Believe in the promise of tomorrow



    If you're having a miserable day -- spitup in your hair, colicky baby won't let you sit down for half a minute, your toddler shoved an Eggo into the DVD player and it just makes a weird clicking sound and you yelled and now you feel terrible -- take solace in the fact that you get a complete do-over tomorrow.

  • Remind me to remember



    Everyone loves to tell you that "It goes so fast!" and honestly that's just annoying when you're in the midst of some awful stage that seems like it's never going to end. But, well, it's true. So take lots and lots and lots of pictures, okay?

  • Living on dreams & Spaghetti-Os



    Sometimes that's what it's all about: eating the leftovers from your toddler's lunch over the sink while fantasizing about a solo vacation in Belize.

  • With all the B.S., I still love him



    If this isn't an accurate description of a mother's love, I don't know what is.

  • DAD ... the 2nd most important job



    Am I right, ladies?

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