What the Word 'Toddler' Really Means (PHOTOS)

What the Word 'Toddler' Really Means (PHOTOS)


Forget the cast of Saturday Night Live, toddlers are the real comedians out there. (And let's be honest, way cuter, too.) When you live with a toddler, every day you're privy to a private comedy routine -- pratfalls ad nauseum; food falling out of their mouths while they're eating; the absolute craziest, most nonsensical conversations. In short, they're the best. And there are so, so many ways to describe them.

Wondering what the true definition of a toddler is? We've got you covered. Here are 19 truly hilarious definitions of toddlers.

What's your definition of a toddler?

Image via Ned Frisk Photography/Corbis

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