The Crazy Things That Happen When Dad Takes Care of the Kids (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 24, 2014 Being a Mom

kids shaving creamOne of life's eternal questions is this: Why is it that when dads are left in charge of the kids all hell breaks loose? We don't know the answer to that. Though if we tried to guess, we'd say that dear old dad is scheming (even if it's subconsciously) not to be left alone with the kids again. Like ever. We say this because when dad's in charge, sunscreen doesn't get put on, baths aren't taken, bedtimes become nonexistent, kids are dropped off at violin lessons (without violins), you get the gist.

These 9 moms certainly know what we're talking about. Look at the what went down when they left dad in charge. (Can you believe #8?!)

What's the worst thing that happened when you left the kids alone with dad?

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  • Very Big Messes


    “I came home to a 'pretend' garage sale, with all the clothes I just folded in a giant clothes mountain ... with kids diving into it.”

  • Playing With Razors


    “My friend returned from a trip and when she walked in the front door, the kids ran up to her, and they were both – shaved. Evidently, dad had shaved and left his shaving kit out on the bathroom sink counter… and wasn’t watching them and they shaved each other.”

  • Getting Into Mom's Personal Stuff


    “Once I came home and my son was covered from head to toe with panty liners. He thought they were band aids.”

  • Tree Climbing -- Inside the House!


    “I came home from the grocery store and my two-year-old at the time was drinking Mountain Dew from a bottle and had climbed halfway up the Christmas tree.”

  • Letting Toddlers Dress Themselves


    "Came home another day to find her wearing her pants on her head. He said she wouldn't put them on correctly and wanted to wear them as a hat."

  • 'Torturing' the Pets


    "When I got home I came home to find that she painted both our dogs nails, put bows on their ears and fashioned socks as necklaces for them."

  • Dressing Kids Inappropriately


    "When I came home from a long weekend out of town for work in March, I was doing laundry and found my daughter's spaghetti strap dress in the hamper. Apparently my husband had allowed her to wear it. To a birthday party. In Winter. In Upstate New York."

  • The Inevitable Haircut


    "My son cut my daughter's hair to make her look like Joe Dirt (if you have seen the movie, you know what I mean). She had a mullet!!! AND, my son cut his own hair, right down to the scalp, in the front."

  • Very Big Messes 2


    “My youngest son (on 3 different occasions) dumped an entire large bottle of cooking oil all over the kitchen floor so he could skate on it with his younger sister.”

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