2-Year-Old Hockey Fan Has Absolutely Perfect Reaction to Team's Goal (VIDEO)

tyler avolia

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up, we take our sports very, very seriously. Though apparently none of us takes it nearly as seriously as this extremely animated, thoroughly adorable 2-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

The Penguins and their loyal fans are currently enjoying the hype and excitement that is playoff hockey, and a very short clip of this little guy popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook a couple of days ago after one of the games. Friends of mine from Pittsburgh shared it, we all had a good laugh, then we moved on with our lives, but little did we know that cutie Tyler Avolia would become a hero to not just those of us in Pittsburgh, but to anyone who's a die-hard fan of any sport.

Just look at this face!


Tyler Avolia

My god, could this kid get any more intense? That tiny jersey! His tiny fists! Those tiny teeth! His barely grown in scrunched up eyebrows!

According to Fox 43, Hilary Avolia, Ty's mom, said, "For Easter, we got him baseball stuff, but he’s still just interested in hockey. Everything goes back to hockey."

This was Ty's face after his mom took her son to a home hockey game and Sidney Crosby scored a goal. Pens TV was able to find this tyke and film his reaction, and not much more needs to be said.

Just take a look at how seriously adorable this kid is. For cryin' out loud, he even knows the words to the National Anthem and insists on singing it before playing any hockey:

Love it. This kid is my hero and I simply can't get enough of him. Let's go Pens!

Is this the most hilarious die-hard 2-year-old sports fan you've ever seen?


Images via Fox43.com

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