15 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With Your Baby

mom babyMaybe it's a hormone that's released post-birth, or maybe it's the universe's way of messing with us, but we all get a little crazy once we become parents. We think our kid is the smartest. Our kid is the cutest. Our kid is definitely going to be famous when they grow up ... because they're just so dang funny! (Show them what a bunny rabbit does, Junior! Go on, do it! Guys, you're gonna love this ... )

Bottom line: We're all obsessed with our babes to some degree. But some parents take said obsession to a whole 'nother level. Like, they may need a talking to. Are you one of those parents?

Here are 15 signs that you might be obsessed with your baby. Too obsessed.


1. You don't go anywhere without your baby. When your friends call you to make plans, it's assumed that little Sally will be joining too.

2. You find a way to work your baby into every. Single. Convo. Your friend: Gosh, it's so nice out today, isn't it? You: It is! And I'm so excited because I can finally put Johnny in that jumper I bought him!

3. You think everyone is interested in seeing photos of your baby -- even when your baby is with you. Suggestion: the mailman is a little busy.

4. Your therapy sessions have now become more about your baby's problems than your own. You: I feel like she's struggling with an identity crisis lately. I know she's only 8 months, but I feel like she thinks she's a year.

5. Your baby's photo is in every room. And they're only a week old.

6. You dream about your baby. And you're mad when you wake up ... until you see your baby next to you.

7. Baby talk has replaced your normal cadence and voice. (High-pitched and sing-songy) Who's paying the electric bill? Mama is paying the electric bill!

8. You're the person who constantly talks to their baby when on the phone with others ... or tries to get the baby to talk to the person on the other end. Note: Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever.

10. You have your baby's face screen-printed on a shirt. And you wear it when you're out with your baby. (No.)

11. You FaceTime with your baby when you're sitting at your cubicle at work. And don't consider the fact that your colleagues might not want to hear the question "Did you make poo-poo?" while they're eating lunch.

12. Every person you meet, regardless of their age, reminds you of your baby. It's just something about the way you smile.

13. You enter your baby in various "cute kid" contests and ask your friends, Facebook and real, to vote for him. Spoiler alert: They don't.

14. Speaking of Facebook. Your feed? All baby, all the time.

15. You got a tattoo of your baby's face. Because if you're ever not near her, and your phone happened to die, you need some way of seeing your little one's face.

Do you know anyone who's obsessed with their baby? How can you tell?


Image via Kaori Ando/Corbis

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