24 Mother's Day Cards From Kids Who Meant Well, But ...

Jeanne Sager | Apr 21, 2017 Being a Mom
Image: Imgur

funny Mother's Day cards

Every year when Mother's Day rolls around, the kids get busy with crayons and scissors and start making mom a Mother's Day card. The results are usually sweet. What's not to love about a little one making something nice for mom? But every mom has that one card that turned out a little ... funny.

Kids have a way of making us laugh, even when it's unintentional. Take an awkward drawing that may or may not resemble a part of the male anatomy here and throw in some, ahem, questionable misspellings, and handmade Mother's Day cards can have moms rolling.

Don't believe us? Here are 24 unintentionally hilarious cards that moms have gotten from their kids on the big day!

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