Pregnant Personal Trainer Has Some Surprising Critics at the Gym

sara haleySara Haley doesn't think twice about being a month out from giving birth and continuing to hit up the gym. She does push-ups, step-ups, tricep dips, dead lifts, lunges, and more six days a week. Then again, she's a personal trainer who specializes in pregnancy fitness, so it's second nature to her. And as she tells us, "Obviously, I wouldn't go to the gym if I didn't feel comfortable. For me, the gym is a really safe place." At the same time, she admitted to the NY Daily News this week that at 35 weeks pregnant, she has fielded crazy comments that run the gamut from outright rude to cringingly patronizing: From "I can't believe how big you've gotten!" to "the classic eye contact with a big thumbs-up."

As far as the latter's concerned, Haley says she appreciates encouragement, but she's "just pregnant, not trying to save the world."


Love it. Especially because although she says she's witnessed "an element of bullying" aimed at other pregnant women training, she's also called attention to another annoying, bizarre reaction to expectant moms working out: the head-pat or cheerleading. A woman doing what she feels comfortable doing and should be doing is nothing to be ripped OR rooted for in an obnoxious way.

But Sara's not perturbed. She seems to attribute at least the patronizing reactions -- and maybe even the ones often termed "bullying" -- to cluelessness, sharing:

I don't think people are being mean. They're really unfiltered and just curious. I feel like I'm going about my everyday life. And part of my job is to keep myself healthy, going to the gym, and getting my workout in. At this point I'm just going to move my body. To me, it does not feel miraculous.

She points out that she's not alone in keeping up her hard work. Plenty of women do and should continue to do so, especially considering all the benefits, from increased energy to improved labor. Knowing all of that only serves to make it easier to blow off goofy reactions.

The bottom line? Sara says:

People should ask themselves, 'Would I say this to a woman who was NOT pregnant?'

Cheers to that!

What's the most patronizing thing someone has ever said to you when you were pregnant?


Image via Sarah Haley

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