15 Brutally Honest Things Kids Say About How Moms Look

mom and daughter looking in mirror

When it comes to wanting an honest opinion about whether or not your ass looks fat in the skinny jeans you just spent 10 minutes trying to zip up -- don't ask your husband. And don't ask your mom or your best girlfriend either. (They'll all lie to your face.)

If you want the truth -- seek out a kid. Actually, you probably won't even have to ask the question if you find said kid. He/she will take one look at you and say, "Your butt looks HUGE, Mom." Or, "Those jeans don't fit, Mom."

You catch my drift. Kids have a wonderful knack for pointing out the negative aspects of our appearance without so much as a second's thought -- even though 99 percent of the time, they aren't trying to insult us at all.


Here are 15 of the most colorful yet very honest things moms admit their children have said to them about their looks.

  1. "Hey Mom? You know your hair is brown in real life, right? You just dye it blond."
  2. "When I grow up. I want to be just like my Mommy. Except the hair. And the clothes. I want fashionable clothes."
  3. "Mom? You have a muffin-top."
  4. "Why are you still fat Mommy?" (Said an hour after my daughter's birth.)
  5. "My friend's mom has much bigger boobs than you. Why aren't yours like that?"
  6. When my daughter made my Wii persona -- she asked me if it looked right (hair, eyes, etc.). I said, "Yep!" Then she went back to it and said, "No, wait, we need to make it fatter ..."
  7. My 12-year-old daughter walked by and pinched my love handle the other day and said, "What's up rolls?"
  8. My 5-year-old paused a Proactiv commercial to help with the "bumps" on my face.
  9. My 7-year-old said last night, "Your underwear is bigger than daddy's. That's because you have a big butt!" -- via eatcraftparent.com
  10. "Hey Mom! You've got a mustache!"
  11. "Your legs are warm. And chubby. Why are they so chubby?"
  12. "Why is your butt so much jigglier than Daddy's?"
  13. "How did your belly get so squishy?!?"
  14. My daughter asked why my boobs were so "sad." (Sagging = depressed, unhappy boobs.)
  15. "Mom ... why do you have dents on your legs? How did they get there?"

What is the most insulting thing your child has said about the way you look?


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