6 Brilliant 'Pick-Up Lines' All Moms Need to Memorize

Look, we get that breaking the ice isn't always easy to do. Forget singles at bars -- it seems even scarier when trying to "pick up" a fellow mom friend at the store! Who can be witty and charming when you're cleaning up spilled goldfish crackers from Aisle 10? Here are a few sincere “pick-up lines” that have worked for real moms -- use them the next time you see a kindred spirit at the store, park, or anywhere else.


1. “You look so well-rested. What’s your secret??” This compliment is bundled with an empathetic nod to the sleeplessness all parents endure. After her response, you can chime in with some ways you disguise your own overtired look -- like using a favorite mascara, for instance. (“It takes two seconds to apply and I swear it makes me look like I actually slept five hours straight!”)

2. “That’s a great carrier/wrap/stroller/diaper bag! Where did you get it?” Even if you already have a favorite carrier/wrap/stroller/diaper bag and aren’t in the market for a new one, this easy icebreaker is a great way to segue to other topics if she seems friendly. Keep the conversation going by sharing your own favorite gear finds or amusing anecdotes related to them. (“The stroller was almost too lightweight -- once when I took the baby out for a second, the wind pushed it down the block!”)

3. “Have you signed up for any music/art/gym/mommy-and-me classes lately?” This one does double duty -- starts a friendly chat and also provides useful leads for activities for your own kid(s). Bonus: If you hit it off, you can find out which particular class her kid goes to and sign up for the same slot.

4. “Is that coffee or wine in your travel mug?” Snarky moms, this one’s for you -- but save it for when you’re standing on the sidelines of a seemingly never-ending soccer/baseball/hockey game, and only use it on other moms who seem like they might share your sense of humor! (You should be able to gauge this by their cheering style and/or sideline commentary.)

5. “I found a great consignment sale/resale shop in town -- have you heard of it?” Connect with other bargain-hunting moms with this one. She’ll appreciate the helpful gesture, even if she’s heard of the sale or store you mention. And if you’re lucky, she’ll share her own tips!

6. “Oh, my son/daughter also loves that same sippy cup/toy train/style of frantic screeching!” When you’re not sure what the two of you might have in common, it’s always a safe bet to defer to the kiddies and start a conversation about something baby- or child-related you can relate to. Even if you catch her little one in a less-than-ideal moment like a tantrum, it shows that you have a sense of humor and are compassionate, too.

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