Babbling Baby Picks a Fight With His Goofy Dad (VIDEO)​

dad reasoning with baby on balconyParents spend a good deal of time wondering about and analyzing their child's verbal development. But there may come a day when you miss their baby blather, which of course makes absolutely NO sense but can still be as adorable as it is hilarious. Especially when you interact with them and attempt to have a "real" conversation -- or faux argument

That's exactly what this father did in a now viral video appropriately titled, "You can't reason with babies." While working on some laundry out on his apartment balcony, his tot fervently tries to argue ... to be let out? That he wants to move out? That mommy is a meanie? We're not sure. Neither is his daddy, but he sure had a hilarious way of communicating with his chatty kiddo!

Check it out ...


So funny! Even though this little one's passionate speech isn't exactly comprehensible right now, he's lucky to have such a goofy, playful dad (something tells me he must be an actor, right?) to interact with. As a result, I'd guess he's going to have an even easier time expressing himself verbally. Then again, he already seems to have quite the grasp on that ... He's just speaking his own language for now!

Have you ever tried to "reason," argue, or just have a conversation with your baby while they were still babbling? Any funny results?


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