19 Things Moms Do Every Day That They Really Wish Were Noticed

mom cleaning toilet

Moms, we do so much for our families. Stuff they don't even know about. And when it comes to these umpteen, thankless tasks that reliably fall to us, a lot of the time, no one even notices. If you're a mom, you're nodding your head right now. If you're not, you're probably sitting baffled, thinking, "Like what?!" That's why I asked some fellow moms to share some of the ongoing chores they do that often go by completely unappreciated. A major shout-out to moms everywhere, because holy crap, we work our butts off for our families. Here are our least favorite jobs that we wish we'd get more recognition for ...

  • 1. "Vacuuming up dog hair. No one seems to notice or care when the tumbleweeds suddenly disappear." -- Lauren

    2. "The constant mental checklist of noticing things -- prescriptions that need refilling, dentist appointments to make, school book orders." -- Kristen

    3. "Clearing out the too-small/off-season clothing, replacing socks and underwear, clipping fingernails and toenails." -- Marianne

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  • 4. "Grocery shopping/food prep. No one helps, cares, or appreciates the effort put into it." -- Tonya

    5. "Making appointments for people and animals and registering for EVERYTHING." -- Kelly

    6. "Cleaning up the kitchen. I feel like it's what I do all day, every day, and yet it is still a mess." -- Anonymous

  • 7. "Wiping butts for eight years straight! That's nearly 3,000 days x what ... five times a day minimum? 14,000+! Ahhh motherhood!" -- Michelle

    8. "Small cleaning. They appreciate big stuff -- dishes, etc. -- but forget if it weren't for me, the house would collapse under piles of clutter." -- Ashley

    9. "You mean apart from being here? Just being? Always the backup plan. How about Stocker of Household Goods? TP, shoes, bread, etc." -- Anonymous

  • 10. "Laundry. No one cares about that until they're out of pants. And my 6-year-old likes multiple daily wardrobe changes, ugh." -- Anonymous

    11. "Turning the clothes right side out when folding/putting them away." -- Anonymous

    12. "Cooking dinner -- almost every damn night I hear, 'How many bites do I HAVE to eat of this?'" -- Laura

  • 13. "Hustling -- always with the hustling of little people through breakfast, to the car, to get dressed, into the bath, to bed, etc." -- Gaby

    14. "Being the keeper of the schedule. You know, always knowing who needs what for school, when birthdays are, etc." -- Hillary C.

    15. "There is literally zero appreciation for meal planning. Both in the sense that the effort it takes to seek out the recipes & plan & execute the shopping according to the plan and budget isn't appreciated AND in the way that the plan is so casually disregarded according to daily whim of the family. 'What's for dinner?' Meal according to plan. 'Oh, I'll just make myself something.' Or 'Want me to just pick up food instead?' Translation - 'Gross, f*ck your food.'" -- Jane

  • 16. "Cleaning toilets. Especially with a boy. And a husband, if we're honest." -- Jessica

    17. "Putting things where they belong. We had a week of backpack hell before my boy decided to hang it on the hook himself when I quit." --Tammy

    18. "Knowing where EVERYTHING is and where everything needs to be/go." -- Jessica

    19. "Cleaning out the car. How do small people have so much junk?" -- Brittney