What a Mom's Spring Break Daily Activity Plan REALLY Looks Like (GIFS)

mom pushing kids on swingsUnless you're jetting off for a week of fun in the sun on the beach or something, spring break is definitely bittersweet for most parents. On the one hand, it's so nice to get to spend some extra quality time with your kiddos.

But on the other hand -- all of that extra quality time can wind up being kind of a drag if you don't plan ahead and figure out how to fill up each and every single moment to keep your kids entertained.

Of course, when the week kicks off, you insist you're never going to allow your children to have an opportunity to utter the two most dreaded words of any school vacation.

"I'm borrrreeed."


Here's a typical timeline of what the average mom will likely experience this week.

Monday: It's go time. This is gonna be the best spring break ever. After cooking the kids a nutritious breakfast and savoring every sip of your coffee -- it's time to break out the list of fun and innovative Easter crafts you compiled. From dyeing eggs to making cute Easter bunny masks -- you're giving Martha Stewart a real run for her money today.

Tina Fey

Tuesday: You're kicking yourself a little bit for doing each and every single one of the Easter crafts yesterday instead of saving some. But it's cool because it's a gorgeous day. You figure you'll pack a delicious spring-themed picnic lunch and take the kids to the park.

Jennifer Aniston

Wednesday: They're calling for rain. Uh-oh. Thank GOD Rio 2 is playing in theaters. At least that'll eat up a good couple of hours or so. But what to do after that ... hmm. Oh hell, you'll think of something.

Raven Symone

Thursday: Instead of waking up to the sound of giggles and delight -- you hear incessant whining and bickering. They've had it. And so have you. You hop in the shower and have a good cry all while telling yourself you only have two more days left to come up with more activities and then everything will be back to normal again.

Kristen Bell


kids watching TV

What do you have planned for spring break?


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