An Open Apology to Every Mom on Facebook

moms posting on facebookDear moms on Facebook,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for wanting to hide you from my newsfeed. I'm sorry for reaching out to Mark Zuckerberg and asking for a dislike button. And I'm especially sorry for being annoyed by each and every single one of your baby posts.

Turns out, you're not actually over-sharing on social media after you've delivered your little kiddo. Really, it's just my fault because once I've been annoyed by one of your little posts, they're all I can see.


According to science, new moms actually post about half as often as they did pre-birth. I suppose that makes sense, now that all your time is dedicated to caring for that new life and all. So why is it that my newsfeed is constantly filled with weekly picture updates of newborns, their ever-evolving nurseries, and collections of petite outfits and hair bows?

It could all be a frequence illusion. Apparently, once we notice something that annoys us, we're inclined to notice it more and more and more. And once I've seen a dozen pictures of your infant child propped upon the couch, I may have reached my limit.

So I would officially like to apologize. I'm sorry for typing, and promptly deleting, those somewhat exasperated comments. I'm sorry for rolling my eyes at the countless updates you've posted about your child's potty training development. And I'm sorry for audibly ugh-ing when seeing yet another ultrasound picture.

Perhaps it's time for me to let go of that latent anger and realize that it's maybe not all your fault.

Maybe I just need to refocus.


One obvious non-parent


Image via moneyblognewz/Flickr

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