​Babies Freak Out When Their Dads Come Home (VIDEO)

baby and dad greeting excited hooplahaIf you saw photos and footage of Prince George's playdate, you've most likely gotten your quota of uncontrollable baby cuteness in this week. But let's be honest: Can we ever get enough? Of course not!

Hence why you'll love that Hooplaha.com has compiled some of the best moments of babies who can't contain their excitement upon welcoming their fathers home. Their unadulterated enthusiasm is palpable!

Check it out ... and make sure to pay special attention to the little girl at 32 seconds in, whose happy freak-out is priceless ...



Aww! See, ridiculously adorable! Sure, it doesn't take much to get babies excited, but seeing these little ones flip out, wave, grin from ear-to-ear upon seeing their daddies return, you can't help but melt.

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Really, we could stand to learn a lot from kids. When's the last time you were this excited?! Thankfully, babies' pure glee is rather contagious. No wonder their parents seem equally blissed-out upon reuniting with their kids.

What was the cutest thing your baby ever did upon greeting you or your partner?


Image via HooplaHa/YouTube

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