Alarming News on Day Care Costs Will Convince All of Us to Be Stay-at-Home Moms

day care more expensive than college tuitionIt's official: I can totally not afford to have children. There's absolutely no way I can shoulder all of the expenses when, according to recent research, I should have been saving for my future child's day care since I was 8 years old.

That's right. A report shows that day care for a baby is more expensive than in-state tuition and fees in 31 states! Say what?! For example, according to Child Care Aware America, the cost of day care in New York is over $15,000 while in-state college tuition is a nice $6,500. That's over an $8,000 difference.


So think about it: Parents have at least 18 years to save for their child's college education. But day care? Does anyone legitimately think about that 18 years before they'll be having children? Clearly not, or else I would have started saving 15 years ago (the study also shows that the average age of a first-time parent is 26).

Sorry, future child. I haven't been saving for you. I spent my teenage years splurging on Hollister tees (though I'll deny that forever) and Jesse McCartney concert tickets. Not to mention my own college education.

But for people who are currently looking to start a family, the costs are very real. Day care fees vary by state, mostly because there are different regulations, fees, and licensing regulations, as well as a general difference in cost of living. Similarly, in-state college tuition depends on how much each individual state spends on public higher education. Either way, we know one thing for sure: kids are expensive, from the moment you're dropping them off at child care to the time you drive them to their freshman year dorms.

Did you save for your child's day care before they were born?


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