8 Moms Who Accidentally Ruined Easter for Their Kids

sad kid at Easter
Explaining holidays to kids can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to balance spiritual customs and childhood mythology. It's not always easy to help guide your children toward a meaningful holiday observance while also attempting to make sense of the fact that there's a guy in a giant creepy bunny suit at the mall and he wants little kids to sit on his lap, right?


I found eight moms who admitted they accidentally wrecked their kids' Easter, thanks to some good intentions -- and some very bad mishaps and misunderstandings. If you've ever created more holiday confusion than celebration for your own kids, take solace from these hilarious/cringeworthy stories of Easter traditions gone wrong.

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1. Eggs, fuzzy bunnies, and zombies -- oh my!

"I tried to briefly explain the resurrection of Jesus. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. My son thought that meant Jesus was a zombie and somehow got confused with the zombies in Minecraft (Jesus wanted to kill his Minecraft guy? I don't even know), and we ended up having a whole bizarre whispered conversation about it. Did I mention we were in church at the time?" -- Ann

2. Make way for the Easter ... dog?

"When my son was a toddler, he thought the Easter bunny came down the chimney and he insisted that we put a carrot in there. On Easter morning, we all discovered that the dog had eaten -- then [THROWN] UP ON THE CARPET -- the carrot. Happy Easter, kid! Here's a giant pile of orange barf from the magic, chimney-climbing bunny." -- Jen

3. Looks like someone has a serious case of Bunny Phobia.

"My daughter swore she wanted to see the mall Easter Bunny. Then, of course, she got scared when it came time to pose for the photo. I tried to console her but nothing worked, so we left. On the way home, she sobbed because 'Dat bunny's mad at me for not giving him a hug and he's going to hide all the eggs so I can't ever find any, NOT NEVER EVER.'" -- Susan

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4. It's all about the candy.

"The instant my daughter found the chocolate rabbit in her basket, she wanted to hold it and pet it. Eventually the foil started coming off and she had chocolate all over her Easter dress. The one photo I have from that day shows her screaming her head off because I had to take the rabbit away." -- Marisa

5. Where do baby bunnies come from?

"My son thought that Easter eggs hatched and little bunnies came out. So when I put them in a pot of boiling water, he thought I was boiling tiny unborn rabbits. Like Fatal Attraction, but worse." -- Trish

6. Turns out the Easter Bunny is a fraud.


"My 7-year-old decided that the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy were working together. One gives you candy to rot your teeth, the other comes and takes your teeth away. He didn't want anything to do with the jelly beans and stuff in his basket because they were obviously placed there by these two holiday villains." -- Ree

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7. What do bunnies have to do with it, anyway?

"We'd talked about Lent and Holy Week and Good Friday and more. My son looked me in the eye and said, 'So what's with the candy and bunnies?' All I could think of was that Eddie Izzard stand-up routine: 'And then kids eat chocolate eggs, because the color of the chocolate and the color of the wood on the cross ... Well, you tell me? It's got nothing to do with it, has it?'" -- Alexis

8. That's one meal they'll never forget.

"I still have PTSD from the Easter when both my kids suddenly realized that what was on the dinner table was lamb. Cute, fluffy, adorable, baby ... lamb." -- Katherine

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