What It's Really Like to Have the 'Sex Talk' With Your Kid (GIFS)

mom and daughter talking

Gulp. It happens at different ages for different kids, but sooner or later every single one of them becomes way too smart to think that babies are dropped off on our doorsteps by the stork.

And even though it's not an easy conversation to have, we owe it to our children to tell them the truth and lay out the whole birds and the bees thing for what it actually is.

You know ... (sex).


On that note, here are nine phases moms typically go through while trying to have the dreaded sex talk with their kids.

1. Ok, this is no time to laugh or try and be funny. This is a serious discussion, so you put your game face on.

Ashley Benson

2. You slowly begin explaining things. And you realize your kiddo seems to be taking it ok. You start to get a little bit confident and the words start flowing out of your mouth like wine.

Nicole Richie

3. But then you're about to get to the "good part." You hesitate a little as panic starts to set in.

Reese Witherspoon

4. You blurt it all out and then hold your breath awaiting your kid's reaction.

Taylor Swift

5. The poor child looks totally disgusted, confused, and borderline horrified. Inside, you start screaming, "Abort! Abort!"

Tyra Banks

6. You can recover from this. You immediately go into "mom" mode and start reassuring him/her that everything is ok. Maybe you even offer a cookie or two.

Tina Fey

7. You feel awful because you know you've just scarred your own offspring for life.

Leighton Meester

8. But then you feel a sense of relief because at least the talk is finally over with. 

Ellen Pompeo

9. Your kiddo walks away to be alone with his/her thoughts. And then it hits you like a ton of bricks. "Holy SHIT! What if he/she actually DOES it someday?!?


Have you had the birds and bees talk with your child yet?


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