Filmmakers Catch Babies' First Taste of Lemons & Oh How Sweet It Is (VIDEO)

babies eating lemonWhen life hands you lemons, feed them to the babies! We're all suckers for a good baby-eating-lemon video, and filmmakers April Maciborka and David Wile created a new one, "Pucker," that has us absolutely in stitches.

The duo gathered more than 30 babies and gave them each a slice of lemon. Some fearless kiddos tasted the sour fruit and immediately puckered. Others spat it out. One didn't even try it. And another actually seemed to like it!

The impressive background music and slow-motion shots properly document the dramatic moment in the babies' lives. This is, after all, a milestone. Isn't it?


Check out the video here:

How did your baby react to their first taste of lemon?


Image via DavidandApril WileandMaciborka/YouTube

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