5 Irresistibly Cliche Road Trip Photos: Then & Now

As long as there are cars and families, there will be family road trips. And just like in the olden days of our childhoods, there are still those classic road trip moments today that simply have to be captured on camera (and cameraphone and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and ...). Things may look a little different now than in the days of 35mm film, but the need to capture those irresistible pit stops and roadside views from the family vacation remains the same.

Let's take a look at some of those classic snapshots from then and their modern, must-have versions.

Happy travels!

  • THEN: A 'rest stop'


    Image via JamieJohn/Flickr

    "Don't worry! No one can see you! I have napkins here in the glove box you can use. And just look at that landscape! Honey, pass me my camera."



    Image via RobertSanzalone/Flickr

    Sure, today's rest stops are total nirvana on a long road trip. Still not sure why everyone needs to take a photo inside one.

  • THEN: A map on the dashboard


    Image via kittysfotos/Flickr

    Remember this object? Made out of paper? Impossible to re-fold once unfolded? Source of many arguments about who was looking at it incorrectly? Ah, memories ...

  • NOW: Screenshot of your map app #vacation


    Image via JohnJacobJake/Flickr

    Without this shot, how else will all your Facebook and Instagram friends know that not only are you on an awesome #roadtrip, but you're for reals #offthegrid?! #noemails #noalarms #donotdisturb #playlistready!

  • THEN: Embarrassing parent-imposed photo


    Image via FlissPhill/Flickr

    If you were lucky, this would make the Family Road Trip Slideshow!

  • NOW: Cool #roadtrip #selfie


    Image via _allen_23/Instagram

    Life is, like, SO MUCH COOLER when you're curating what everyone sees, right?

  • THEN: Pit stop for lunch by Mom


    Image via rbh/Flickr

    No "fast food" here! (PS: Mom looks thrilled, doesn't she?)

  • Now: Pit stop for a 'healthy' on-the-road meal!


    Image via Sahz/Flickr

    Everyone knows In-N-Out burger is the "healthy" fast food! (PS: Mom's not pictured because she's too busy drinking her choc-van-strawberry shake. YUM!)

  • THEN: Kids sleeping in the back seat (seatbelts optional)


    Image via jeremyiah/Flickr

    Comfort (and quiet!) first, kids.

  • NOW: Kids sleeping in the back seat (5-point harnesses!)


    Image via RyanDickey/Flickr

    Safety first, kids! (Side note: Both alseep at once?! A car trip miracle!)

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