What a Girls' Weekend Away Looks Like When You're a Mom (PHOTOS)


As much as we absolutely adore every waking moment we spend with our kids (well, for the most part) -- there really isn't anything better than some much needed away time with our girlfriends, whether it be for one night or an extended getaway trip.

We look forward to it for weeks or even months on end. Then when the day of departure finally arrives? Well, a loud "WOO-HOO" is definitely required.

But let's not kid ourselves -- going away with the girls is a little different as moms than it was when we were in our 20s, single, and carefree.


Here are the basic 11 phases moms go through on a girls' overnight, from beginning to end.

1. The day is finally here. You're so excited you can't decide whether to burst into a fit of giggles, cry, or pee your pants. You're about to make your escape.


2. You meet up with one of your girlfriends and start catching up while waiting for the other two. And then you both FREAK when they get there.

Rachel and Phoebe Friends

3. You head out for a nice dinner -- and as the first bottle of wine is consumed, you giggle over how hunky the waiter is.

Elaine Seinfeld

4. You're feeling pretty good, so you all decide to head over to the bar next door for a "night cap." (Let's do it, bitches!)

Christina Agiulera

5. And then you walk in and there's live music and OMG it's your song and you're all, "I'm SO gonna rock this night."

Katy Perry

6. The next thing you know, one of your friends comes back to the group with a round of fruity shots. At first you're all, "Nooooo. I can't." And then your wild streak kicks in and you're like, "Oh why the hell not?!? Down the hatch, baby!"

Sarah Michelle Gellar

7. Bartender says it's last call. You and your friends stumble out to get a cab -- and promptly burst into fits of "I love you so much and you guys are my bestest friends ever ..." and everyone cries a little. You upload a group selfie to Facebook. (#thankful #blessed #girlstrip #BESTfriendsever)

Taylor Swift

8. You go back to the hotel to sit in bed and laugh about how much fun you had while looking at all the "wild" pictures you took on your respective cellphones. At some point you all pass out -- and wake up the next morning in your clothes. And then it's like, "What the hell happened?!?"

Britney Spears

9. Reality hits you smack dab in the face. You return home. You need a nap. But your kid wants to play fu**ing Monopoly and of course you oblige. (Even though you're 99 percent sure you might die.)

Cameron Diaz

10. You assume you'll be fine for work on Monday as long as you go to bed early. But then you get up that morning and you're all, "I'm too old for this shit and I have no idea how I'm going to survive this day."


11. But then just when you are on the brink of sobbing from sheer exhaustion, the text messages start rolling in from your girlfriends and you remember how much fun you had. You're all, "OMG. I can't wait until our next trip! How about same time next April?!?"

Lauren Conrad

When was the last time you took a girls' trip?


Image via Andersen Ross/Corbis

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