11 Family Vacations More Awkward Than Yours (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Apr 8, 2014 Being a Mom

awkward family vacationsFamily vacations. They are a necessary rite of passage for most of us. Take a survey of the people around you, and I bet you every single person you poll can tell you one amazing, embarrassing, and totally awkward moment that took place during a week-long jaunt meant to bring the family closer together. If you're lucky, they might even have a photo commemorating the event. We as a people love nothing as much as we love chronicling our familial adventures no matter how crazy they might be.

Going on a family vacation can be great and often is. But it can also be a perfect storm of awkward moments. Angsty, brooding teens forced to spend days out of doors, exhausted moms unable to cope with the demands of making everyone on the trip happy, and dads who totally have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of all-day activities? These are but a few of the treats vacations have to offer. All that, and sunburns too.

Looking back at our private, family torture sessions, I mean, vacations might not be something we relish doing, but if you're anything like me, you're always down for looking at other people's pics. That's because there's nothing funnier than awkward family photos -- when they don't prominently feature your own family. Here are some of my favorites from the web.

What's your best family vacation moment, good, bad, or just plain awkward?


Image via Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

  • Magic Kingdom Indeed


    Image via Patti Hermes/Flickr

    It's the happiest place on Earth ... if you aren't a mom wrangling two boys and a husband who seems blissfully unaware that "magic" doesn't just "happen." Giiiirrrrrl, we're hoping you packed a flask.

  • Angst on the Mountain


    Image via Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

    Ah, the sheer bliss of seeing the natural wonders of our country alongside those you love most ... And also the surly tween who seems to feel actual physical pain just being near you.

  • Three's a Crowd


    Image via Anja_Johnson/Flickr

    Nothing says "togetherness" like "stay the HELL out of my kayak, Steve!"

  • Say Cheese & Die


    Image via Cristina/Flickr

    Disdain, thy name is a teenager told to say cheese.

  • Nobody Panic


    Imaeg via Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

    Ten bucks bets you this dude is thinking two things: 1) I should have maybe learned how to use oars before getting on this raft, and 2) I definitely should have recruited a co-navigator who could read a map. Or at least not drop it overboard.

  • Dazed & Confused & Soaking Wet


    Image via Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

    "Oh my god, I've lost my bathing suit bottoms, don't panic, Darla Jean, keep it together, just keep it. Together. Wait ... is that little Jeremy with his newfangled cameraphone?! If I end up on wetgrannies.com, I will destroy him."

  • Room to Grow


    Image via Peter and Joyce Grace/Flickr

    One person in this photo wishes this tree would do an about face and crush them, one person in this photo wishes this tree would crush the person behind the camera who demanded he pose for this "cute" shot, and one person in the photo totally just crapped his pants and couldn't be happier about it.

  • Like Herding Cats


    Image via Ted Shaksaug/Flickr

    They all agreed to do a serious photo and a silly one. The scary part? This is the serious one.

  • Don't Call Them Yellow


    Image via Andrea Bohner/Flickr

    After little Kyle got lost for hours the previous year, the parents unanimously decided that all the children would be required to wear bright colors before being loosed in Farmer Kellogg's haunted corn maze.

  • The Happiest Place on Earth


    Image via Jackie/Flickr

    From Flickr user Jackie: "This is my family. They are all deaf except for Shari. From left to right, we have my Pop-pop, Mom, Aunt Ada, and cousin Shari. Pop-Pop seemed not to know I was taking a picture, my mom and aunt are both deaf and waving because they thought that I said 'wave' and not 'wait,' and Shari is looking confused as to why these people are waving. This is one moment in the life of this vacation. It's not fun." Not for her, maybe.

  • Plaid Wearers Never Say Die


    Image via Andrea_44/Flickr

    This photo might be from the 1970s, but posing awkwardly with your relations in front of mountain ranges never goes out of style. Unlike plaid pants, high-rise jeans, and whatever's happening on the far left.

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