5 Creepy Family Vacation Destinations Everyone Will Actually Love

Looking for a fun, out-of-the-ordinary travel experience with your kids? How about a destination that will scare them? We're not talking dangerous. Just a little bit creepy. Here are 5 fabulous vacation destinations that will give your kids the chills, in a thrilling way, of course. They'll be talking about these trips for years.


Salem, Massachusetts. Here's where the Salem witch trials took place back in 1692. Learn about this haunting piece of American history at the Salem Witch Museum. Go on the Salem Witch Walk. And enjoy other, less scary historical attractions.

Winchester Mystery House, California. This was the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of the founder of Winchester rifles. And it's just plain weird. The eccentric home has funky details like a staircase that goes up 7 steps and down 11. There's a seance room, secret passageways, and possibly even ... ghosts!

Alcatraz, San Francisco. Just off the coast of San Francisco is an island that houses one of the most infamous prisons in American history: Alcatraz. Tour the cells and hear all the exciting escape stories and chilling ghost stories. Plan ahead because tour tickets sell out fast. And just a tip: They lead tours at night, too.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. Where are the most spectacular caves in the U.S.? It's hard to say, but a big favorite is the Carlsbad Cavern at this national park. The stalagmite- and stalactite-filled limestone "Big Room" is 225 feet tall at the highest point and is the fifth largest cavern in North America. Another exciting cave to visit is Meremec Caverns in Missouri.

Tarantula Trek in Mount Diablo State Park, California. This park is a spectacular destination on its own. But in October, it's tarantula mating season. Eek! During the season, Mount Diablo runs tarantula hikes designed to give kids a safe, up-close look at these hairy spiders.

Did you ever go on a creepy family vacation when you were a kid?


Image via Angel Schatz/Flickr

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