Lessons for a Mom When Her Kids Go to School

first day of kindergartenI can’t believe how fast this day came. Where did the last five years go? How did my baby boy get to be so big? It happens to all of us. We blink and they are kindergarteners. The next thing you know, they are taking their SATs and picking out colleges. (Okay, seriously, I don’t need that to come too quickly.)

So as I got up this morning, I took note of the morning as it unfolded before me. Little snapshots in my mind captured tiny memories I never wanted to forget, as well as lessons and reminders I needed to tell myself.

Here are a few things I either learned, or reminded myself of, on my son's first day of kindergarten:

  1. Have faith in my [parenting] abilities. I have loved and taught my son with deep motherly passion to be a good, empathetic, and caring child. Despite my constant correcting, teaching, and guiding, I know that he is going to be great and do just fine.
  2. It’s OK to let go. Truth is, he is probably way more ready for this day than I am. In fact, I know he is. And he will continue to be more ready to take on life’s adventures as they come his way than I will be for him to take them on. This is what we moms prepare our children for, and it is a complete injustice to hold them back. When the time is right, it’s ok to let go.
  3. I will cry at all of the "firsts." I have for all the first moments before this, why I expected today to be any different, I have no idea. Thinking about all of the firsts to come in the future makes me cry, so I’m just going to accept the fact now that I need to have tissues on me at all times. 
  4. Prepare for the best, and roll with the rest! Which, of course, is pretty much a norm in military life. However, I did pretty well to prepare for a good morning and get us out the door and to school on time. Did I have the girls’ outfits ready to go? Nope. So they donned their jammies. And I’m ok with that.
  5. Looking like the "put together" mom is overrated. Face on and hair done and feeling great about taking my son to school. We walked. When we get there, I’m a wrecked sweaty mess. And? So was every other mom, or at least most of them. From now on I’ll be wearing yoga pants.
  6. My son is never too old for kisses and hugs in public. I’m sure one day he will protest that, but for now he is not afraid to show his momma some love in front of everyone, and I am going to take all the public hugs and kisses I can get.
  7. Family is everything!! We were all there to support my little DevilPup on his first day, for which I’m extremely thankful and grateful. We may not always be together for every moment in life, as is just the makings of an average military family, but we make each other a priority and support each other always. My heart completely melted when the girls waved goodbye and shouted, "Have good day Logan! I lahvyoo!"
  8. It’s OK to let go. Oh ... did I already say that? Well, I know I’m going to need to remind myself of that one.
  9. The bond between a father and his son is a beautiful thing. Who’s there all day to wipe noses, hand out cuddles, kiss away boo-boos, and give away endless hugs? Me. But there is something special about Daddy. So who had the honor of walking our little guy into his class? Daddy. And even though at times these moments sting a little, I really do love that my boys have this special bond. (Plus, at that point the flood gates behind my eyes had burst open, so it really was for the best.)
  10. Life happens fast. Too fast. As they say, the days may be long but the months are short. It’s so true. The years have flown by, and now I’m the mother of a kindergartner. In two short years I’ll have two little preschoolers and a second grader. It makes for a nice reminder to kiss your babies often, don’t let the little frustrations ruin your day, use mistakes and mishaps as teaching moments, and to make lasting memories every single day.

What is your best lesson for a mom when her kids are getting ready to start school?


About the Author: Laura Crawford is the mom and USMC wife behind She Is Lola. You can keep up with her on Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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