21 Worst Things You Can Say to a Mom of a Child With Autism

mom covering earsWhen it comes to being a mom of a child with autism, one big frustration is dealing with other people. You know who I mean -- people who just. Don't. Get it. Some mean well but are simply ignorant, while others are clearly suffering from Compassion Deficit Disorder. Either way, it's still appalling what comes out of their mouths sometimes. We wish everyone would just think before sharing their two cents. Here's a few of the worst things moms of kids with autism have ever heard.


1. You need to learn how to control that your kid.

2. Maybe all he really needs is a good spanking.

3. Autism is over-diagnosed, you know.

4. Your child has autism? There's an app for that.

5. She doesn't act/look like she's got autism to me.

6. Autism is just an excuse for bad behavior.

7. What's the big deal? All kids are like that.

8. Why don't you put him in a special home?

9. He couldn't have autism, he's too cuddly and sweet.

10. Back in my day, we didn't have this autism because we actually knew how to discipline our kids.

11. You had her vaccinated, didn't you. You know that's what causes autism, right?

12. You probably didn't breastfeed long enough.

13. What's his "special" thing that he's really good at?

14. There isn't anything wrong with your kid. You're just a crappy parent.

15. Oh my kid does that all the time, too. It's just a 3-year-old thing.

16. I'm sorry.

17. He'll grow out of it.

18. You just want that diagnosis for your kid so you can send her to a better school.

19. You just need to make your child listen to you.

20. Too bad you'll never be a grandmother.

21. I don't think your child will ever be a productive member of society.

What's the worst thing anyone's ever said to you about parenting a child with autism?


Image via Tanya Constantine/Blend Images/Corbis

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