The Ultimate Traveling Kit to Help Avoid a Road Trip Meltdown

kids in the car

Let's be honest -- as much fun as it can be to take a road trip with the kids (after you arrive at your destination, of course), odds are good one or more of your little ones will break down at some point during the trip out of boredom or pure annoyance.

And since listening to whining, crying, and carrying on in general is just about the most deafening sound a parent can hear in the car -- it's imperative for you to make sure to bring along a road trip survival kit of sorts to prevent your kiddo from ever reaching the point of no return.


You know, like our parents did on family excursions when we were kids. Take a trip down memory lane for a minute. Isn't it wild how different traveling by car is for our children versus how it was for us?

Here's a brief glimpse into how different car travel survival kits look now as opposed to 20 or 30 years ago.

1980s, 1990s kit included:

A travel Bingo kit -- Weren't those the best? It was so cool to drive along and see who could pick out landmarks and signs the fastest.

Coloring book and crayons -- Basically the primitive version of any sort of electronic device.

Junk food -- Candy. Cookies. Cheetos. Anything to shut up the kids for a good 15 minutes or so.

Books -- As long as we didn't get car sick while trying to read, of course.

A walkman -- If you were a '90s kid, of course. Um, walkmans (walkmen?) were only, like, the most bitchin' invention EVER.

Clipboard and string -- For making friendship bracelets. Duh.

A journal -- For jotting down thoughts and using your imagination. (Remember that?)

2014 kit includes:

iPad -- Duh.

iPod -- Duh.

Nintendo DS -- Duh.

Portable DVD player -- For when the battery runs out on the iPad.

Backup batteries -- Just to play it safe.

Plenty of healthy, organic snacks -- They're probably vegan and/or gluten-free too.

Rainbow Loom kit -- If you dare!

More batteries -- Duh.

What is your fondest road trip memory?


Image via Ian Spanier/Corbis

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