The 7 Cutest Future Stars Discovered in the Back Seat (VIDEOS)

kids in car

A car isn't just a car. That's especially true if you are a mom. That four-ton machine magically morphs into an office for quick conference calls, a dining room for meals on the go, and, most surprisingly, a dimly lit stage where you just might discover a burgeoning star. Nothing seems to inspire our little ones to let loose and sing more than being strapped in the back seat. For them, it's fun. For us, it can be an awe-inspiring, heart-melting moment.

Take a look at these future Grammy winners -- all of whom had their big debut in the back of mom's car.


1. That emotion is totally Oscar-worthy. Miley Cyrus wishes she was this intense.


2. Justin Bieber's got nothing on this cool kid.


3. This baby's got moves that would bring Britney Spears to tears.


4. Idina Menzel has some serious competition from this brother-sister singing duo who covered "Let It Go" from Frozen.


5. Elvis lives!!!! Well, at least his music does, thanks to this crazy-cute toddler.


6. I bet you've never seen a child performer this dedicated and intense.


7. The next Blake Shelton for sure! And you gotta love the toy guitar he strums perfectly to the music.

Some of these kids are definitely destined for greatness. And thanks to the modern marvel known as the world wide web, they can more easily be discovered -- that's how it happened for Justin Bieber, after all.

Please share your cute memories of the kids during car trips.


Image via Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis

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