8 Most Disgusting Things Moms Have Caught Their Toddlers Doing

toddler picking his nose

They may be all sorts of cute (most of the time) and innocent and all that good stuff, but let's face it -- toddlers are pretty darn gross sometimes.

Granted, they also don't fully understand the concept of what is and what is not disgusting. I guess we really can't fault them for doing something most of us consider to be outrageous, inappropriate, or just downright un-freakin-believable.

It seems that nothing is off-limits for little ones, based on these eight beyond repugnant things moms admit to having seen, heard, or caught their toddlers doing.

  1. I was giving my daughter a bath, and all of a sudden, I smelled something. I figured maybe my older son had farted -- but then I looked over and saw poop in the tub. And then I saw some of it IN HER MOUTH. I thought I was going to die. And so did she.
  2. My 2-year-old wandered into the kitchen, then walked back into the living room, and I noticed something in his mouth. Upon closer examination, I realized he was indeed sucking on the white Styrofoam thing that comes in the packet of raw chicken. I gagged. (He did not get sick from it, thank GOD.)
  3. My daughter climbed into our bed one night and was being all cuddly. I was thrilled -- until she vomited directly onto my face. It even got in my mouth a little bit.
  4. My toddler had a booger wall. Literally he'd pick his nose, then wipe it on the one wall in his bedroom ... every single time. Most disgusting thing EVER. 
  5. Since my son became mobile, he has had a disgusting habit of picking up strands of hair and putting them in his mouth ... Blegh!
  6. One time I caught my son dipping his fingers into the toilet and licking them. OMG.
  7. My son kept eating the dog's food over and over again. I think he actually liked it.
  8. My daughter ate her sister's poop. Yup, she ate it. It was a tiny ball of dried poop that fell out of my incontinent 4-year-old's panties.

What is the grossest thing your toddler has ever done?


Image via Heide Benser/Corbis

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