This Is 11

Being 11 is harder than it looks. I know all the grownups are always like, "Oh, you're so lucky to just be 11 and not have so much to deal with." My response is usually a nod and a smile, but sometimes I give them a shrug and a "so so" movement with my hand.

This is what really goes on in the life of an 11-year-old ...


1. You are at that awkward age where you are still a kid, but then you will all of sudden realize that you can’t do the stuff that used to be cute anymore. Like running around naked in the backyard.

2. When you look at boys, you roll your eyes. Pretty much every single time.

3. You are either in middle school or thinking about going in to middle school (usually) (well ... where I live!). It's a real big change from elementary school and sometimes I feel "school-sick" for my old school.

4. Other kids (or maybe you -- with me it's the other kids), but anyway kids your age that you've known your whole life will start to change, which is sometimes weird 'cause you have seen them in one way ... the way they always been ... and then they will be different.

Me in NYC with the Brooklyn Bridge and my American Girl Doll!

5. Some girls will start to wear makeup or have an iPhone 5c. Then when you take out your little AT&T Pantech Swift, they just look at you like you have 10 heads. Same thing with your clear "lip gloss."

6. You have SO MUCH HOMEWORK! Also you have tests and projects and reports and quizzes! I always feel like there is something to worry about or improve on. If I don't have something to worry about, I worry that I'm forgetting something!

7. You either want to snuggle with your mom, cry when your grandma leaves, or be annoyed at your mom for not letting you buy that really cute dress from Urban Outfitters that you just recently were big enough to fit into.

8. You're old enough to start telling your mom what pictures of you not to post on her Instagram account, but still not old enough for her to let you have your OWN Instagram account!

9. You feel the need to go to the mall and buy the newest thing that’s in.

10. You are almost at that age where you are not included in all those cautions on packaging labels where it says something like, “Caution not for kids under 12!”

11. Sometimes you will take a moment to stop and think wow I’m almost a teen!

Being 11 is a fun age that I think is all about adventure and discovery -- it's like being in two worlds. All I have to say is, “When dealing with an 11-year-old, don’t treat us like babies, but don’t give us too much responsibility!”     

Do you remember being 11?


Image via April Daniels Hussar

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