A Kid's Bucket List: 11 Things Every Boy Should Do Before Turning 9

8-year-old star wars maskHere are some very dangerous battle things that kids should do before they turn 9. They should do them because this might help them later in their lives when a dragon tries to attack them.

Also, it might help them in case a giant zombie robot attacks their family and tries to burn the world down to ashes. Plus these are really fun and they are only for boys.

  1. Make an army of half-robots, half-zombies.
  2. Become a wizard.
  3. Pull Excalibur out of the stone.
  4. Go to Hogwarts for seven years.
  5. Make a giant couch fort.
  6. Build a mad scientist's laboratory and make awesome creations.
  7. Climb up the side of the Matterhorn.
  8. Ride a bobsled down a snowy hill that goes straight down.
  9. Change into a shark and swim around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
  10. Buy some golden knight's armor and rule the universe.
  11. Get a pirate crew and ride your mighty ship into a whirlpool and destroy the kraken.

What would be on your kid's bucket list?


Image via Mary Fischer


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