Boy's Reaction to Baby News Is Worse Than Anyone Expected

baby reveal gone wrongMy son has been begging me for a baby brother or sister for years. Poor kid is so desperate for a sibling that he doesn't care which he gets. Though not every kid would be so grateful. In fact, one dad recently shared his son's reaction to the news that they were expecting another girl -- the family's third. If you are thinking there were shouts of joy, you are very, very mistaken. The kid totally freaked. I'm talking major tears here. What's worse is what the dad says in the midst of the meltdown. Check it out.


Everyone starts off all smiles, but things quickly go wrong with this baby reveal.

It was certainly a cute idea: revealing the big news with the color of the cake. But this poor kid got the shock of his life. I feel his pain. He will be totally overrun. It's both funny AND tragic for the little guy. This will turn out in one of two ways for him later on in life. He will either learn how to deal with women effectively or will be so henpecked that women will run all over him. LOL.

But all jokes aside, there is one major problem with this video. I take issue with the fact that the father says that he's disappointed too. "You had the same reaction I did, Bud," he says sympathetically. Real mature reaction, dad! And then he continues to aggravate the situation by asking him if he's unhappy about having a baby sister when it is crystal clear that he is.

Will the new girl child ever see this -- and what will she feel about what was said? Seeing the disappointment from a sibling is one thing, but also from your own dad? And how did it make the other girls feel? Their father really wants sons! Not just that, he's disappointed that during the last three tries, he hasn't scored another little boy. As a parent, he should be a little more sensitive to that and watch what he says. But I guess the good thing is the little boy will always be dad's favorite! They can be miserable together.

How do you think the dad handled this situation?


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