The 2 Words Moms Dread Hearing

children playingMy pediatrician delivered bad news this week. My daughter's goopy, red eyes was just what I feared ... a walloping case of pink eye. Cue six loads of laundry to wash everything she might have come in contact with, compulsive hand washing to the point where my hands are red and raw, and of course obsessing about every little itch and tick of my own eyes.

Pink eye. Two little words. One massive mom headache.

That's always how it is, isn't it? Something so small, something that sounds so innocuous, fills you with dread when you're a parent? In fact, pink eye ranks right up at the top of a list of the absolute worst phrases in the English language ... at least for parents. What else is on the list? Why I thought you'd never ask!


1. Pink eye

2. Snow day

3. Head lice

4. Justin Bieber

5. Send cupcakes

6. Chaperones needed

7. Science project

8. Food allergy

9. Driver's permit

10. Summer break

11. Chuck E. Cheese (OK, not exactly 2 words, but close enough!)

12. Fundraising contest

13. Class mom

14. Pediatrician appointment

15. Bake sale

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What phrases make you absolutely CRINGE now that you're a parent?


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