7 Evil Things Moms Do to Their Kids

Jenny Erikson | Mar 27, 2014 Being a Mom

We all love our kids. Well, most of us on most days, anyway. But still, there are sometimes when find ourselves being just a little bit deceptive when it comes to parenting those little darlings. Hey -- it's not like grown-ups get to go trick-or-treating, mmmkay? Besides, that candy was going to go bad anyway. Pretty sure.

Anyway, we've all had our less than stellar parenting moments, but you know what? Sometimes it's those little moments that help keep us sane in the bigger picture known as Surviving Motherhood. So don't beat yourself up too much, slip another $5 into the therapy jar, and lock yourself in the bathroom for a fun-sized chocolate bar. I won't tell if you won't.

What evil have you committed against your kids?


Image via 401(K)2012/Flickr