20 Signs You're Raising a Military Kid

military familySome people raise kids in the city. Some people raise kids in the country. And then there are the moms and dads who are raising kids in the military.

Don't see the difference? Then you're obviously not a military mom! Military kids are like other American kids in many ways -- but they tend to move a lot more, have siblings born in far-flung places, and the language they speak is one that's all their own.

Just ask a mom raising her kid in the service, and you'll hear a long list of signs her kids are "different." But don't take our word for it -- The Stir asked military moms for the telltale signs that they're raising military kids ...


1. Your son wants a high and tight just like Daddy.

2. You have to tell your kids that guy in uniform isn't Daddy because they are all Daddy to them.

3. Every one of your kids was born in a different state (and sometimes a different country!).

4. You organize your family scrapbooks by location instead of date.

5. When one of your kids' friends go on vacation, they ask if their friend is moving to another base.

6. You get a call from your third grader's teacher wanting to speak with you because, during a game of hide and seek, your child had five classmates zip-tied and hooded in less than three minutes.

7. Your 3-year-old already knows how to use Skype.

8. You have to explain why your child has two nationalities.

9. Your child calls her gym shorts and tennis shoes "PT gear."

10. You plan pregnancies around deployments.

11. Your kids pause when they're asked where they're "from."

12. Your son has told people he's "from the Air Force." (Or Navy, or Army, or ...)

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13. All your kids' Social Security numbers start with different numbers.

14. Your 3-year-old has lived in four states and your 3-month-old has lived in two.

15. Punishing the kids consists of making them roll the towels and have their clothes organized.

16. Your husband watches his baby being born, but he's not actually in the room ... or the country!

17. Your kids pledge the flag before a movie.

18. Your kids can shout out the name of every aircraft they see.

19. Your 6-year-old tells the dog to "stand down."

20. Your kids ask, "Is it time to go to a new house yet?"

Raising military kids? What's your "you know you've got military kids when ..." moment?


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