Dad Pulls Out Son's Tooth With a Helicopter (VIDEO)​

pulling toothThere are so many jobs you take on when you become a parent. Finder of lost shoes. Door opener (and closer!). Of course, when they reach the stage of loose teeth, you become a practicing dentist. But what kind of dentist are you? Are you the cool kind? Are you like the dad who just pulled out his son's tooth with a helicopter and filmed the whole thing?

Malcolm Swan's video of his uber cool tooth removal procedure is quickly going viral, and once you see it, you will be guaranteed to up your game as an amateur dentist! Forget the old doorknob trick; you're going to have to think bigger! Check it out:


Coolest dad ever? I think so.

Naturally some pearl clutchers are calling Swan out for brutalizing his 8-year-old, but come ON. He loved it! The kid actually yelled out the word, "Awesome!"

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And it was!

Losing a tooth can be scary for kids, especially those who freak out at the sight of blood, but when you do something like this, you not only take all the fear out of it, but you're making killer memories for them to look back on (and literally if you videotape it). But now that helicopter tooth remover is already claimed, what are YOU going to come up with?

How do you pull your kids' teeth?


Image via Malcolm Swan/YouTube

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