Toddler's List of 'Bad Words' Isn't So Bad ... Until the End (VIDEO)

toddler cursingA dad recently, for whatever reason, asked his adorable son to "tell [him] every bad word he knows." And, because it's 2014, he filmed the entire thing, and it's since been put up on YouTube. At first, when I heard about the video, I sort of rolled my eyes and thought, "Nice parenting." (Even though in the '80s my mother and her friend once let me and a few other kids "say any curse we wanted to" for one minute while on vacation [it was awesome!!!].) But then I watched the video and saw how cute and sweet this little boy was, because, whaddya know! He barely knows any bad words.

Well, until the end.

If you're in need of a laugh today, check out this hilarious video of a little boy saying all the bad words he can -- but watch it all the way 'til the end, because that's where the real magic is!


Ha! At first, I was seriously impressed that this child didn't know a single "seriously bad" word. It was all butt this, butt that. But then just when you're least expecting it, he drops an S-bomb at the end. And so casually, too! Totally wasn't expecting that.

Although kids shouldn't be cursing, not gonna lie: I 100 percent laughed out loud at my desk. And then I watched it again.

What's the funniest thing your child has ever said?


Image via buthurl/YouTube

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