The One Piece of Baby Advice All Moms Need to Hear

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I was visiting a friend this past weekend and we got to talking about baby advice. As you might guess, with four kids, I often get asked what tips I'd give to new moms.

Over the years, I've come up with some pretty great answers, but the advice my friend gave at a recent baby shower topped any of mine. In fact, it's so awesome, I'll be doling it out whenever I can (with credit to her, of course).


So I know you're wondering what words of wisdom could be so amazing, and the truth is they're pretty simple. Her advice (and now mine):

Never say never.

When she told me, I had to chuckle, because it's really pretty smart. It has nothing to do with sleep because we all know no mom ever actually sleeps when the baby sleeps.

And it has nothing to do with self-care because we all know that no mom ever really does a great job of taking care of her own needs as much as those of her baby.

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But we also all know that moms say things about parenting they end up going back on later. We've all eaten our words time and time again.

Because kids aren't robots. Because kids are crazy. Because we love our kids so much, we'd do a whole heck of a lot of ridiculous things that we would never have believed if someone had told us. 

And we all know that sometimes you break your own "rules" because you need sleep and quiet.

When you tell a new mom (or even a seasoned mom), "Never say never," I feel like you're giving her a pass, an excuse of sorts that lets her just go with the flow.

Or on some days, just survive.

It doesn't tell her how to feed her baby or how to wear her baby or even anything having to do with her baby.

But it does make her think about what's she's doing and saying, not just to her baby, but to her partner and herself.

And it gives her permission to accept that being a parent can be really crazy. Crazy scary. Crazy awesome.

All sorts of crazy.

So don't limit yourself by those preset standards you and your partner may not be able to keep. Just go with your gut, love your baby (and yourself), and give yourself the gift of endless possibilities.

What's your best baby advice?


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