'From Bump to Buzz' Captures 1 Couple's Baby Joy in the Most Unique Way (VIDEO)

tom fletcher's bump to buzz video The video this dad made of his wife's baby bump as it grew throughout her pregnancy blows all others like it out of the water. Not that it's a competition or anything. That said, if it were, this guy wins big. Tom Fletcher is the lead singer of the British band, McFly, and he put all those musical chops to good use in this video he made of his wife and then son titled 'From Bump to Buzz'. 

Tom took photographs of his wife Giovanna every single day of the nine months that preceded the birth of their son, Buzz. Then, those photos ran as a time lapse opposite Tom serenading her with a new song entitled, 'Something New'. It is basically the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my adult life. And I have watched a lot of cat videos, you guys. 


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Can you imagine the level of dedication it took on Giovanna's part to make it through this project? I can't imagine knowing I had to pose for a portrait -- and a shirtless one at that -- every single day I was pregnant.

Still, maybe if I'd known that the end result was going to be something as touching and memorable as this video I would have thought about it a little bit differently. You should absolutely give the video a watch. Without giving too much away (like I haven't already) the final moments of the video are a pay off like no other I've seen. This will give you all of the feels. I guarantee it.

Did you photo-document your pregnancy?


Image via Tom Fletcher/YouTube

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