11 of Our Favorite Wiggly Baby 'Moves'

baby crawling
Busy Philipps
has an adorable way of describing how her 8-month-old baby moves. "Cricket is doing something that we're calling -- it's not crawling -- on-land swimming," Philipps once told Us magazine.


"Because she's moving, she's not crawling. Like she's swimming on land, and you cannot leave her alone. She'll get to where she wants to go by swimming on land. She's really fast and she's on the move." Aww, most of you with kids know exactly what she means. It's that floppy form of travel babies do. "Swimming on land" is a clever way to put it.

Babies have all sorts of crazy movements that require their own terminology -- here's 10 more.

2. YOLO Cycling: That bicycling-in-air babies do when you pick them up away from something dangerous they were about to get into.

3. Total Neck Failure: That nodding babies do when they're falling asleep while seated.

4. Sisyphean Roll: When a baby almost succeeds in rolling over -- but nope, doesn't quite make it.

5. Bouncers at Club Diaper: When a baby kicks their feet all over the place in protest while you're trying to change their diaper.

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6. Ode to Joy Conducting: That manic waving of their arms up and down when babies get really excited about something.

7. Refusenik Shake: When babies move their faces away from food they don't want to eat.

8. U to the O: The way babies bring their hands and feet together in the air to grab their toes when lying on their back.

9. Frankenstein's Monster Lurch: That first, awkward step a baby makes.

10. Revving the Engine: That enthusiastic rocking back and forth babies do on their hands and knees.

11. Toxic Mining: When a baby grabs at something and crams it into their mouth before you can stop them.

Do you have any home-made words or phrases for the things your baby does?


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